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A summary of the history of the German Shepherd Breed:

In Germany, in 1891, a group of enthusiasts formed the Phylax Society with the aim of
fostering and standardizing native German breeds. The society was short-lived and in
1894 it was disbanded, but it had sown the seeds from which the German Shepherd was
to emerge.

At this time Capt. Max von Stephanitz appears in the breed’s history and indeed it is this man who is acclaimed as the father of the breed. Von Stephanitz had long admired the qualities of intelligence, strength, and ability found in many native sheepdog breeds but had yet to see one which embodied all of his ideals.
There is no doubt that the essential credit for the development of this marvelous breed, must go to Max von Stephanitz. It was his vision that welded a wide variety of sheep herding dogs into one breed. He envisioned a dog of incorruptible character, great working ability, loyal and highly trainable.